About us

Traffic accidents are the number one cause of death of 15 to 29 year-olds worldwide. They are responsible for 1.24 million fatalities and 50 million injuries each year, with over 90% of these deaths occurring in the world’s poorest countries (WHO, 2013).

Safe Roads 4 Youth (SR4Y) is a project that aims to gain insight, change attitudes and ultimately save lives amongst young people in some of these countries where drink-driving poses the greatest risk - Argentina, South Africa and Vietnam.

We are the first research-action project to simultaneously test and evaluate the effectiveness of drink-driving prevention actions within these countries.


On a country level

The SR4Y project is being developed in each country in partnership with 3 major non-profit organisations – Handicap International in Vietnam, Cruz Roja in Argentina and Global Road Safety Partnership in South Africa. Together with these partners, we carry out preventive interventions at community level, aimed at mobilizing citizens and better training local players to help prevent drink-driving amongst young adults.

When trying to combat the issue in each country, it is important to focus on the cultural factors (specific to each country) as well as the universal factors (the mechanisms of injury, the effect of elements such as speed, alcohol or distraction) that impact on drink-driving.

Solutions that have been established in the developed world cannot always be imported successfully into developing countries, so this localised approach is crucial to help develop successful interventions in each of the 3 countries involved. More information about the different activities taking place in each area can be found in the countries section of our website.

SR4Y aims to not only reduce the amount of people driving while drunk, but also impact on various related issues, including – riding alongside a drunk driver/ letting others drive drunk, drunken pedestrians and drunken two wheelers.


The SR4Y approach

There are three distinctive elements to our project which give us a unique advantage:

• The study of cultural and social impact – our project implements similar interventions in the three participating countries and analyses the impact of different cultures and social representations related to these specific actions (until now, evaluations of preventive actions have been done in only one country).

• The strong interconnection between research and action within intervention and evaluation teams (the absence or lack of validity of evaluations is a common reproach in this field).

• The participatory approach - young people are not considered part of the problem, but part of the solution

To help us gain further insight into the issue, we have conducted the SR4Y baseline study - involving over 11,000 young people across the 3 countries involved. The study provides new scientific inputs on drink-driving amongst youth in these countries. Visit the results section of the website to view all the findings.