SR4Y youth participants receive a prize


One of the videos created in the city of Rio Cuarto in the framework of the Safe Roads 4 Youth project has been selected as a finalist at the III IINTERNATIONAL YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL PLASENCIA ENCORTO 2016

The SR4Y delegation meets young activists in South Africa


Last of the Tour visits in the 3 SR4Y countries, the delegation visit was the occasion to share results and impressions with stakeholders and young participants.

Sharing the Project Impact in Vietnam


Beginning with a tour of countries where the project was implemented, a Safe Roads 4 Youth delegation was received by Handicap International in Vietnam from 16th to 18th December.

Safe Roads 4 Youth at Top Race Podium!


The automobile racing event, Top Race, was held In the city of Rio Cuarto on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2015. Safe Road 4 Youth joined the event to give a clear message to young people in an arena where they may sometimes receive contradictory messages.

The Interim report available in our “materials” section


The process evaluation report has recently been finalised and is being published in our website materials section.

Peer 2 Peer actions and Designated Driver Campaign in Rio Cuarto, Argentina!


The call for proposals launched in 2014 in the three communities in Argentina has generated a lot of innovative activities and involved new and diverse actors in SR4Y activities, including peer 2 peer actions and a Designated Driver campaign.

SR4Y Vietnam – When South meets North!!!


An exciting event took place in Vietnam in July! An exchange trip between the main actors of the project from Binh Thuan (South) and Bac Giang (North) was organized on July 20-22 in Bac Giang Ciy. What a wonderful time for the participants to meet up and exchange on youth's activities regarding drink driving communications. The exchange included two Provincial Traffic Safety Committee (PTSC) staff and 9 core group youth leaders from Binh Thuan and many youth and community leaders from Bac Giang.

Communicating on the SR4Y baseline results: Next stop Hue


The SR4Y Baseline survey is the largest of its kind in emerging countries and provides a wealth of information regarding alcohol and mobility patterns of youth in Argentina, South Africa and Vietnam. The SR4Y research teams in all the partner countries are actively involved in communicating these important findings to the scientific community as well as to all interested road safety stakeholders at conferences, seminars and workshops. The next seminar, this time on the findings from Vietnam, will take place on the 18th of April at the emblematic Learning Resource Center at the University of Hue.

How to include more and more diverse players into SR4Y activities? The SR4Y team in Argentina had an idea.


The SR4Y evaluation and implementation teams in Argentina skype and meet frequently to discuss the project’s progress and work together. How to engage the youth further, how to widen the scope of the project and take on board more stakeholders, how to enhance its visibility in the communities are among the key topics of such regular discussions. Out of one of such meetings – most certainly over mate, a caffeine-rich infusion and the national drink in Argentina - an idea was born.

Go home safely with Mai Linh Taxi or how to do drink driving prevention and improve business


Ngoc Anh was taking a taxi to go back to the office after a meeting she had with the local promoting group in Bac Giang, a city in north Vietnam. She saw the sticker on the car’s window, smiled to herself and took a picture: it said “Go safely home with Mai Linh Taxi”. If you look closer at the picture you will see the Safe Roads for Youth logo on the sticker.