Process evaluation

The participatory and community based intervention has been key in the development of the project. How did it work? The process evaluation describes the organization of the project around the local partners and the Local promoting groups, as well as the activities that have been carried out for and by young people.

application/pdf iconGlobal report

Country reports

application/pdf iconProcess evaluation Argentina

application/pdf iconProcess evaluation Vietnam

application/pdf iconProcess evaluation SA - Belhar

application/pdf iconProcess evaluation SA - Mbombela


The SR4Y baseline study, involving over 11,000 young people, provided new scientific inputs on drink-driving amongst youth in emerging countries.

application/pdf iconGlobal report

application/pdf iconSurvey

application/pdf iconAnnex I - effect of country on the variable of the survey

application/pdf iconAnnex II - effect of the project site on the variables

application/pdf iconAnnex III - effect of gender

application/pdf iconAnnex IV - Explicative statistics

Baseline Country reports

application/pdf iconBaseline report Argentina

application/pdf iconBaseline report Vietnam

application/pdf iconBaseline report South Africa

Final results

The final evaluation has been carried out in the three countries and a synthesis of the results is now available. Discover the impact of the project in seven communities and learn more about the participatory approach on drink driving prevention.

application/pdf iconEvaluation results - a summary

Country reports

Guidelines & Best practices

The SR4Y project has been a unique experience: the following documents aim at disseminating the knowlegde and “savoir faire” that has been acquired during those 3 years.

application/pdf iconEducational guidelines: proposed methodology

application/pdf iconEducational guidelines: key units

application/pdf iconGuia educativa: unidades claves

application/pdf iconImplementation handbook

application/pdf iconManual de implementación

application/pdf iconCompendium of community actions against drink driving