Argentina, South Africa & Vietnam represent three emerging countries where drink-driving poses a serious risk to young people worldwide.

The SR4Y project is being developed in each country in partnership with 3 major non-profit organisations – Handicap International in Vietnam, Cruz Roja in Argentina and Global Road Safety Partnership in South Africa. Together with these partners, we carry out preventive interventions at community level, aimed at mobilizing citizens and better training local players to help prevent drink-driving amongst young adults.


The economic growth of recent decades in Vietnam has both increased vehicle ownership and budget to buy alcohol - which have contributed to an increase in drinking, in drink driving and in alcohol-related accidents. Read more


Traffic accidents are a very serious risk for young people in Argentina - aggravated in recent years by an increase in the number of vehicles used by the population (particularly motorcycles). Read more

South Africa

Heavy drinking is a very serious issue in South Africa, with incidences of drink-driving at a worryingly high level among young people. Pedestrians and passengers are also at an especially high risk of being affected by drink-driving. Read more